Create customised spaces
with the desired climate.

The Nimbo structure is designed to adapt to any climate by simply pressing a button, or automatically using intelligent sensors.

  • Bioclimatic space

    The panels turn from 0º to 135º. When they are closed, the ceiling is fully sealed, stopping rain from entering. At an opening angle of 5º, it allows air to circulate without letting water in. From 5º up to 135º, it ventilates naturally, controls the direction of the light and its intensity at dawn or at sunset.

  • Water evacuation

    The design of the panels permits collection of rain water in the gutter along the perimeter which is integrated to the structure. The drainage can be free (the water is expelled along the pillars to the surface) or channelled, directing the water towards the drainage pipes.

  • Intelligent system

    The rain, wind and temperature sensors automate the panels and awnings so that they automatically close when it rains or there is excessive wind, and they open slightly when it is hot.

  • ventilador kauma

    Natural temperature regulation

    The ventilation and solar light are regulated naturally by the orientation of the panels, avoiding the greenhouse effect and regulating the temperature.

  • icon mantenimiento

    Easy maintenance

    The Kauma structures are very easy to clean with water. The panels turn 135º, therefore it isn’t necessary to climb onto the structure to clean it.

bioclimatic pergola
motor hidráulico para pergola


The movement of the panels occurs exclusively through a remote-controlled motor with IP-67 safety at 24V.

jardín de invierno kauma

Winter garden

Nimbo matches all of the Kauma glass curtains. Create comfortable spaces that can be enjoyed 365 days a year, regardless of the weather outside.

detalle de goma lama para pergola

Panel seal

All of the panels have rubber sealing so that water doesn’t come through under any circumstances. Also, this avoids vibration from the wind.

desagüe para pergola

Drainage system

Water channelling through the columns, which can freely pour out to the exterior or be channelled to the rainwater collection system.

centralita para pergola móvil


Electronic switchboard that controls the movement of the panels, light, sound, sensors... With a connection option on the pillar of the pergola or the upper panel.

Cortina de cristal pergola bioclimatica

Glass curtains

The robust structure of the Nimbo pergola gives it resistance that is capable of withstanding any of our glass curtains up to heights of 4 metres and widths between pillars of up to 7 metres.

Both the Parallel 150 system with lower load, the Pivotal 250 or 250 systems with upper load or Gravital 400, without guide rails on the floor, offer perfect connection to Nimbo. They protect from the gusts of wind, the rain and the sun so that the outdoors can be enjoyed more often and in any meteorological conditions. They convert outdoor spaces into pleasant winter gardens and a fresh environment in the summer.

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cortina zip

ZIP curtain

The ZIP curtain is a new system for solar and wind protection. The zip system, with a fabric hem welded to the edges, provides great wind resistance without allowing the fabric to come free from the guide rail.

It permits all types of fabrics, acrylics, filters, darkening... It can be added manually without any type of activator (with cardan joint, chain...) or remote controlled.

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Spotlight LED pergola bioclimatica Spotlight LED pergola bioclimatica LED_RGB pergola bioclimatica


Lighting is a necessary element for the pergola. There are two types of lighting that can be incorporated, both LED and low consumption technology, which can each be installed separately or in combination. The possibilities of creating different atmospheres multiply at the speed of light.

Spotlights built into the panels. These can be oriented and offer various types of light (cold, warm or neutral) and the intensity can be adjusted.

Perimeter strip of LED lights with the full spectrum of colour, including white. Placed on the perimeter frame of the pergola, bathe the space in colourful light in order to create fascinating atmospheres. The light intensity can be regulated by remote control and illuminate the space in a uniform manner. The LED strip is installed on the perimeter of each pergola module, incorporated to the channel and with a polycarbonate diffuser. It projects light to the centre thanks to the inclination of the setting. It permits homogeneous lighting without being subject to the position of the panel.

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colores y acabados colores y acabados anodizado

Colours and finishes

We offer a wide variety of finishes so that you can customise the system to your preference.

We have a list of over 200 RAL colours, including shine, matte, wood imitation and textured. The powder coatings have a proven history of hardness and durability: they are resistant to chemical products and corrosion while providing the maximum protection. The results from the tests on powder coating by our suppliers for pulverisation and humidity testing ensure a beautiful aesthetic that will be durable in the long term.

We have anodised stock in silver, bronze and stainless steel. Any other anodised finish can be supplied upon request.

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calefaccion pergola calefaccion en techo kauma para terrazas nebulizacion


Thanks to the installation of these elegant cutting-edge electrical heaters with safety system, low temperatures won’t be a problem for enjoying the outdoors. Combined with the glass curtains, the heaters will make the space of the pergola usable even on the coldest days of the year. Resistant to the wind and the corrosive agents found in external atmospheres, they allow for different installation options and great performance.

The Cloud mist system is a plastic conduit with nozzle heads and a high-pressure pump. Intermittently sprays a mist of water to refresh the atmosphere without getting things wet. This is a perfect system to maintain optimum levels of humidity. This system, together with the current of air by convection in the pergola, makes the temperature drop by up to 5º and the thermal sensation even more.

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Play & Sound

The integrated sound system permits listening to music from any Bluetooth or smartphone device through a simple App. Play&Sound consists of a base unit that receives the musical selection and takes care of sending it to the devices located in each of the modules of the Nimbo pergola. Each of the devices consists of two sound boxes, located on the inside of the front profile.

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lluvia_sensor pergola lluvia_sensor pergola luz_sensor pergola viento Luz_sensor pergola

Smart Pergola

The efficiency and connectivity of our technologies is also a bonus for enjoying Nimbo even more. Equal parts comfort and peace-of-mind so that you only concern is to relax.

Humidity sensor for automatic closing when it rains.

Detecta cambios de temperatura para acomodar el clima interior a escalas agradables.

Wind sensor for automatic closing when there is heavy wind, thus avoiding a sail effect.

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Suelo tarima kauma

Technological platform

For exteriors with a bonus under their feet. Thanks to its innovative combination of recycled polymers and wood, the technological platform presents high resistance and durability: it doesn’t splinter, scratch or rot. It is quick and easy to assemble, without the need for construction work.

Also, the finish in various wood imitations provides warmth and sophistication for outdoors spaces.

Perfect when the original floor must be protected.

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  • icono viento
    Resistance to Class 6 wind

    Supports winds up to 180 km / h (hard-winds)

  • High resistance to snow load

    Withstands up to 50 kg/m² of snow ≤65 kg/m² (including own weight).

  • High level of impermeability

    Completely waterproof even with torrential rain.

  • Electrical system

    Electrical installation of 24V and IP67 level of protection.
    Additional security from electrical shock with additional earth connection.

  • icono garantía

    We guarantee that our products are free of material or work defects for a period of two years.