Considerations when
purchasing our products

  • Choose wisely

    Our project will be different depending on whether the space is for casual or intensive use, whether it is on the coast or in the mountains, whether the orientation is south or north facing. To help you to find the best option and to guide you in the most complicated spaces…
    Tell us about your project

  • Prior visit

    Our technical team is available to analyse your space in situ and to help you resolve all of your individual doubts for complying with the requirements of your project.

  • Try it

    If you still haven’t experienced, touched and felt the comfort of the Kauma products, visit us at our showroom

    N-331 km 75,8 – 14900 Lucena, España
    +34 957 749 749 –

  • Measures for savings

    Did you know that we work with you to optimise the size or number of panels in a system in order to reduce costs? The sizes that appear in the quote are simply a starting point, they are estimated measurements. Using this quote, we will take the exact measurements for manufacturing, and if the final idea is too distant from the initial quote, we will reconfigure the assessment based on the project in order to offer you the definitive price.

  • Colour and finish options

    We have our own varnishing plant in order to offer an infinity of colours and finishes, depending on your preferences. Request our list of plain colours and wood imitation.

  • How to get your quote

    The best way to determine the price is to contact an official Kauma agent and to request a quote through our web form or by sending an email to

    Request a quote

  • How will I know that Kauma has received my order?

    When we receive your order, we will send you confirmation of the same by email, with estimated dates for production and delivery. From that time, there will be a legally binding contract between Kauma and you. We will serve your order as quickly as possible and you will receive the product within the terms established.

  • Payment

    We offer amicable payment conditions for our customers. As this is an exclusive product made just for you, we request an initial payment of 50% at the time of order, and payment of the remaining amount upon finalisation and delivery of the product.

  • Orders and production

    For technical queries, order status or shipping methods, contact us at

  • Delivery periods

    When you place your order, we will give you an estimated delivery date. As the manufacturing process progresses, we will inform you of the exact date.

  • Product shipping

    The products are shipped fully protected, encased in cardboard and cork or wooden boxes if they contain glass. We always provide an approximate weight for the merchandise and the number of packages.

  • Day of installation

    The installation is a key part of the purchase process, as without correct onsite execution, we won’t achieve the quality expected from our products. Choosing a certified Kauma installer is a guarantee of success, ensuring that the purchaser avoids problems and saves time. We commit to install the product in way that is most comfortable for you, without causing damage and without generating excessive noise.

  • Warranty

    The Kauma structures, as well as the panels of glass or of any other material, have a 2-year warranty from the date of installation. However, as these are different materials, each one may present special coverage conditions in the term of 5 years after installation. We recommend that you consult our Warranty Policy. Warranty Polyce.

  • Cleaning

    To learn about how to maintain the Kauma structures and panels, we invite you to consult the Manual for Use and Maintenance. These instructions will also be handed to you by the Kauma installer one the product is in place.

  • Relax and don’t worry

    We design our products to offer maximum comfort, year on year. We work to cover your needs at any time and, where necessary, our technical department will take care of any incidents so that you only have to worry about staying relaxed and protected by Kauma. You will always find us here.