Your terrace like never before:
Francisco Sánchez’s Home.




Francisco Sánchez


Kauma Projects


Francisco Sánchez’s terrace,
a true open-air concept.

To convert the terrace into a comfortable space that can be enjoyed by all ages. Francisco Sánchez wanted to watch his children playing outside, turning the terrace into a pleasant space for the whole family. While the children play, the adults relax with the peace of mind of being protected. The space had to be versatile and safe for the young children in the home.


Here, the whole family
finds a comfortable space.

The response to Francisco Sánchez’s needs has its own name: the Nimbo bioclimatic pergola. The area to be covered required two Nimbo modules. Therefore, in order to maintain the visual balance, we placed two pillars that were centred with the entrance door. This ensured aesthetic harmony with the surroundings and a view without obstacles.

The pivoting sheets granted versatility to the space: they regulate the light and temperature, depending on the climate. Also, Francisco Sánchez opted for a rain sensor system so that he could forget about unexpected rain and continue to enjoy the outdoors.

“We have each made the space our own. The children run around outdoors while we are reading or preparing a meal among friends.”