Gourmet and delicatessen:
the protection of Embassy.

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Aravaca, Madrid


Embassy 1931


Kauma Projects


Comfortable terrace adapted
to the regulations for public land.

The bakery Embassy, with almost 90 years of history, wanted to have a terrace suitable for its demanding clientele. Its location, right in the gastronomic heart of the city, needed protection from multiple agents: a very busy street, falling leaves and bad weather. At the time they contacted Kauma, the ground was also sloped. A 360° project: ground levelling, horizontal protection and vertical enclosure, without omitting the regulations for public land.


A 360° project with
floor, ceiling and dividers.

We started by levelling the ground with a Kauma floorboard structure. Over this, we used the Tactic 120 mobile ceiling solution. Thus, when the climate conditions are agreeable, the ceiling can be opened to the sky. The panels are made of cutting-edge cellular polycarbonate, which allows natural light to shine through while filtering the UV rays which cause the greenhouse effect. When night falls, the LED spotlights integrated to the panels comply perfectly with the lighting requirements.

For the vertical needs, we used the Extenda screen for Embassy. This system is a screen that can be raised and that complies with multiple functions: when closed, it works as a safety railing as there is a risk of falling due to the height difference caused by levelling the floor. When extended, it reaches the upper part of the ceiling, fully closing and protecting the customers. The terrace is accessed through a door, also created by Kauma, which increases the protection on overcast days.

“The challenge wasn’t easy and we are delighted with the result. We have gained a very ample outdoor space and, most importantly, comfort for our customers.”