An outdoor menu:
McDonald’s in Alberto Alcocer.




McDonald’s España


Maximise the dining room
and make the most of the exterior.

The space for the dining room in McDonald’s on Avenida Alberto Alcocer was too small. The premises had a large exterior area that was open to the avenue, but with two problems: the weather conditions and the contamination (acoustic and atmospheric) typical of one of the busiest streets in Madrid. The challenge: to reconvert the exterior space into a comfortable, covered dining room for the customers and to occupy the minimum space.


Optimise every corner
of the original architecture.

Restaurants must balance seeking comfort for their customers and making the most of the catering space. For this reason, Kauma created a closure system with Gravital 400. Without lower rails, it allows access for people with reduced mobility, as well as a lack of maintenance as there is no guide rail on the ground to be kept clean, which is more difficult in catering environments.

As the area to be covered was triangular in shape, an unusual oblique bay was designed to make the most of the corners of the triangular form. This minimum space for the system translates to more square meters for customers. Also, one of the panels is an access door to a completely outdoor children’s park.

McDonald’s Alberto Alcocer now offers an open-air dining room by combining the Gravital 400 closing system with a mobile roof made of cellular polycarbonate.

“We offer greater comfort to our customers: a larger dining room area that is open to the exterior. Also, we have increased the dimensions and profitability of the business.”