From a modest stand to a restaurant:
Paraíso in Praia da Luz

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Algarve, Portugal


Paraíso Restaurant


Kauma Projects


At the foot of the beach,
with its pros and cons.

What started as a small stand at the foot of the beach over time became a restaurant of reference in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Thus, the Paraíso restaurant needed to live up to its name and offer its customers a comfortable environment: protecting them from gusts of wind, sand and saltpetre in summer as well as in other seasons. Paraíso wanted to be a restaurant looking towards the sea at any time of the year.


When the views
are the best of the elements.

We installed six Nimbo modules to cover an area of 150 m² of terrace that is open to the sea. The pergola includes an aesthetic and functional overhang: this additional element creates additional shade protection, which is so pleasant when there is conversation around the table.

The original building did not have any architectural elements to protect it from gusts of wind. In order to avoid potential sagging of the pergola, we added two steel cables with tensors on each of the beams which are fixed to the structure of the building, and also have an aesthetic function, they look like the ropes used by the fishermen in the area.

For the vertical aspect, we created a comfort zone with Pivotal 250 with various openings and multiple parking areas. Without vertical panels, we boosted the panoramic view of the space that can now be used throughout the year.

“By protecting the terrace, we have improved the service and quality of Paraíso. We are happy to continue seeing the sea and enjoying the breeze, without this making us uncomfortable on the terrace.”