Tende 100

  • Manual traction
    Tende moves manually to the 3 metres of output.

  • icon motorizado

    Motor-driven system
    For outputs of over 3 metres, Tende uses a silent motor system.

  • The best textile technology
    Innovative system: doesn’t shrink or create bags. Avoids the accumulation of water on the surface of the roof.

  • Smart sensors
    The canvas can be automatically folded and unfolded depending on the wind or rain conditions.

  • icon mantenimiento

    As well as easy maintenance of the canvas, an opaque film over the entire awning avoids the appearance of accumulated dirt.

techo textil impermeable

Channelled drainage

Collects the rainwater in the front section through a gutter and redirects it to the drainpipe.

luces led techo textil

LED lights

Completes the system with LED lights. To enjoy the outdoors even late at night.

techo textil

100% waterproof

Take your time to relax with the peace of mind of being protected from the rain.

motor tende


Motor activation, necessary from 3 metres of output.

tejido ignifugo tende

Flameproof fabric

Technical protection fabric. Avoids the spreading of flames.

gama de colores kauma gama de colores kauma anodizado madera

Colours and finishes

We offer a wide variety of finishes so that you can customise the system to your preference.

We have a list of over 200 RAL colours, including shine, matte, wood imitation and textured.The powder coatings have a proven history of hardness and durability: they are resistant to chemical products and corrosion while providing the maximum protection. The results from the tests on powder coating by our suppliers for pulverisation and humidity testing ensure a beautiful aesthetic that will be durable in the long term

We have anodised stock in silver, bronze and stainless steel. Any other anodised finish can be supplied upon request.

For spaces that seek natural harmony with their surroundings. Through thermal transfers, we achieve an appearance of wood with veins and knots.

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cortina de cristal kauma

Glass curtains

The robust structure of the Tende gives it resistance that is capable of withstanding any of our glass curtains up to heights of 4 metres and widths between pillars of up to 7 metres.

Both the Parallel 150 system with lower load, the Pivotal 250 or 250 systems with upper load or Gravital 400, without guide rails on the floor, offer perfect connection to Tende. They protect from the gusts of wind, the rain and the sun so that the outdoors can be enjoyed more often and in any meteorological conditions. They convert outdoor spaces into pleasant winter gardens and a fresh environment in the summer.

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cortina zip

ZIP curtain

The ZIP curtain is a new system for solar and wind protection. The zip system, with a fabric hem welded to the edges, provides great wind resistance without allowing the fabric to come free from the guide rail.

It permits all types of fabrics, acrylics, filters, darkening... It can be added manually without any type of activator (with cardan joint, chain...) or remote controlled.

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luces techo textil


With the LED technology spotlights, create different atmospheres to multiply your sensations under the Tectum at light speed. The spotlights, built into the panel, can be oriented and offer various types of light (cold, warm or neutral) and the intensity can always be adjusted.

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calefaccion calefaccion pergola nebulizacion


Either on the hottest days of summer or on the short days of winter, Kauma has the most efficient acclimatization systems.

Thanks to the installation of these elegant cutting-edge electrical heaters with safety system, low temperatures won’t be a problem for enjoying the outdoors. Combined with the glass curtains, the heaters will make the space of the pergola usable even on the coldest days of the year.Resistant to the wind and the corrosive agents found in external atmospheres, they allow for different installation options and great performance.Combinado con las cortinas de cristal, los calentadores mantendrán el espacio habitable hasta en los días más fríos del año. Resistente al viento y a los agentes corrosivos que se encuentran en ambientes externos, permiten diferentes opciones de instalación y grandes prestaciones.

The Cloud mist system is a plastic conduit with nozzle heads and a high-pressure pump. Intermittently sprays a mist of water to refresh the atmosphere without getting things wet. This is a perfect system to maintain optimum levels of humidity. This system, together with the current of air by convection in the pergola, makes the temperature drop by up to 5º and the thermal sensation even more.

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lluvia_sensor pergola lluvia_sensor pergola viento Luz_sensor pergola luz_sensor pergola

Smart sensors

The efficiency and connectivity of our technologies is also a bonus for enjoying Tende even more. Equal parts comfort and peace-of-mind so that you only concern is to relax.

Humidity sensor for automatic closing when it rains.

Wind sensor for automatic closing when there is heavy wind, thus avoiding a sail effect.

Detects changes in temperature to bring the interior climate to a comfortable level.

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