For the wind:
slide and enjoy the views.

When the gusts of wind are bothersome to your customers, you simply have to slide it up. In the meantime, they can stay folded so you can enjoy the fresh air.

  • icon motorizado

    Transmission pulley

    The elevation mechanisms consist of a system of belts, pulleys and counterweights. The movement is smooth and comfortable.

  • Manual activation

    Cutting-edge technology so that activating the system is as easy as possible.

  • Safety locking

    Each of the modules has a lock and key locking system. For your peace of mind, it cannot be manipulated by customers.

  • Control of height

    Regulate the amount of breeze you want to let in. The panels can be set at different pre-established heights.

  • High exterior protection

    Extenda keeps contamination out and impedes possible theft from customers if they aren’t paying attention to their belongings. All of this, without losing the views and luminosity from the exterior.

patas antivuelco kauma

Fasteners to the floor

The anchorage plates with height regulation adapt to slopes and uneven floors. Very resistant thanks to the stainless-steel screws.

periferia kauma

Robust panels

The 90 mm section panels provide great robustness and consistency for the system.

sistema de contrapesos

System of counterweights

The galvanised steel counterweights are hidden among the panels for greater safety and protection.

soporte antivuelco kauma

Anti-tip feet

Anti-tip support. In the shape of an upside-down T, with height regulation to absorb possible slope differences.

soporte con ruedas extensibles kauma

Lockable wheels

Turning wheels made of nylon, with a brake system. Slide and stack the modules comfortably.

union modular kauma

Modular connection

The modules can be joined together using vertical aluminium panels, with an opening between 0º and 180º.

mampara con ruedas mampara con ruedas Pata-antivuelco-paraviento paraviento extensible macetero anclaje fijo paraviento

Support and fixation

In both fixed and mobile systems, we have various support options depending on your needs.

The system slides comfortably. The nylon wheels, as well as absorbing possible bumps, don’t scratch or create imperfections on delicate floors. Perfect for taking care of the postural health of your employees.

The anti-tip feet offer optimum fixation to the floor when the system needs to move. They are designed in the shape of an upside-down T, to adapt to possible bumps or slopes and to always maintain functionality.

In cities full of pavements, create a green oasis with the Kauma garden pots. As well as fulfilling a very harmonious visual function, the garden pots act as support for the screens and multiply their resistance to possible tipping.

In fixed systems, we have anchorage plates with adjustable height. They are fixed to the floor using stainless steel screws and avoid problems caused by uneven floors.

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Panel composite kauma aluminios kauma

Lower panel

You can choose between sandwich-type lower panels, when you prefer opacity, or glass if you want to boost the transparency. The glass in the upper section guarantees total vision.

The glass used in our systems is exceptionally compliant with the most demanding safety and performance requirements, with tempered safety glass being the most commonly used. Within the range of glass, you can choose between tempered or laminated safety glass. In any case, you can complete the performance and protection by applying a solar control and/or low emissions treatment.

Two aluminium plates, with an intermediate layer of polyurethane foam between them. The sandwich panel is a great thermal and acoustic insulator. With an opaque finish, it has a thickness of 10mm.

Do you need more privacy? Configure the system with aluminium panels for integral enclosure.

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colores y acabados colores y acabados anodizado madera

Colours and finishes

We offer a wide variety of finishes so that you can customise the system to your preference.

We have a list of over 200 RAL colours, including shine, matte, wood imitation and textured. The powder coatings have a proven history of hardness and durability: they are resistant to chemical products and corrosion while providing the maximum protection. The results from the tests on powder coating by our suppliers for pulverisation and humidity testing ensure a beautiful aesthetic that will be durable in the long term.

We have anodised stock in silver, bronze and stainless steel. Any other anodised finish can be supplied upon request.

For spaces that seek natural harmony with their surroundings. Through thermal transfers, we achieve an appearance of wood with veins and knots.

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Suelo tarima kauma

Technological platform

For exteriors with a bonus under their feet. Thanks to its innovative combination of recycled polymers and wood, the technological platform presents high resistance and durability: it doesn’t splinter, scratch or rot. It is quick and easy to assemble, without the need for construction work.

Also, the finish in various wood imitations provides warmth and sophistication for outdoors spaces.

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