Dining room with high goals:
McDonald’s in Teruel.




McDonald’s España


Protect a large
outdoor terrace.

The McDonald’s restaurant in Teruel had a large outdoor dining area that could only be used on days when the climate was mild. They wanted to be able to offer this terrace to customers all year round. They needed to cover a very spacious area with a lot of height (4 metres), preserving the aesthetic of the premises and providing the possibility of an outdoor space.


Creating a functional
and pleasant outdoor space.

We created a harmonious Tectum ceiling structure in a single sheet of curved cellular polycarbonate in order to avoid joints. Also, we used a solar protection treatment to avoid a greenhouse effect on the inside. Vertically, we closed the space with Gravital 400, the highest glass curtain on the market. Without lower guide rails, it facilitates access for people with reduced mobility.

To take advantage of the fact that one of the glass walls was fixed, we placed a special parking in that area in order to use as little space as possible. Thus, the glass panels on both sides collect into just 5 lines (14 linear metres on each side).

Both the collection and the placement of the panels is maintained always in order thanks to the low numbering of each one. In this way, each panel always occupies its corresponding place and we ensure the best seal between the glass panels.

“When good weather arrives, we open the glass panels in order to increase the sensation of being outdoors. On overcast days, the customers take a seat comfortably without worrying about the wind, the cold or the rain.”