Glass curtains

Sliding, folding and sliding glass curtains, with thermal insulation or without floor guide. Glass your porch or terrace with the system that best suits your needs.

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Roof systems

Enjoy a terrace or patio all year round. Movable and sliding roofs for an open view. Decide how much light you let in: glass covers, cellular polycarbonate or sandwich panel.

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Bioclimatic pergolas

It adjusts the orientation of the slats to control light and ventilation in a natural way. Bioclimatic aluminium pergola, robust and elegant, under which the temperature is constant.

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The terrace of your bar or restaurant needs a space of comfort and protection. Face up to wind gusts and pollution with fixed, extendable or folding wind screens.

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The Natural Connection

At Kauma we connect people with the outside world. We design, manufacture and distribute exterior protection systems to link the inside and outside as one environment.

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    Let’s open horizons
    Life at home or in a business does not have to be limited to the interior. We want you to expand your horizons and enjoy a more comfortable terrace.

  • The principle is you
    We follow a balanced process of advice, study and design of the space. Our technicians will advise you in a personalized way.

  • Expertly endorsed
    Our products have passed exhaustive quality controls by prestigious external bodies. They have the CE certificate and the ISO 9001 seal.

  • Sustainability
    We use recyclable raw materials such as aluminium and glass. We control emissions and optimise logistics processes.


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Terrace enclosures, bioclimatic pergolas, movable roofs… Our products are within your reach. Visit real installations and check first-hand their finishes and features.